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Size: 42' Long x 10' Wide x 14' Tall

"42 Feet Long"

Rentals $195 Day

Size: 24' Long x 10' Wide x 14' Tall

This can be Wet or Dry!

This is our 24 Foot Kids Obstacle Course designed for younger children to age 10.  Great for Team Building and compitition also.  These are also great fundraisers for School carnivals. T

Our New! 65 Ft. Leaps & Bounds Obstacle Course

Here is our new 65 FT Leaps & Bounds Obstacle Course with features from the T.V. Show WIPEOUT! It features a very challenging spiral climb tubes, tire stomps, swinging balls, and side wall pop outs. At the end, the players climb the tall wall with steps and then jumps down like a stunt man on the safe inflatable landing surface.

Obstacle Course and Wipeout Jump are available seperately.

65 Ft x 14 Ft x 18 Ft tall
$395 4 hour rental / $495 all day

Here is our 42 Foot Extreme Obstacle Course. Great for Team Building and compitition.  These are also great fundraisers for School carnivals. This comes in two sections and requires 2 blowers to inflate.

Inflatable landing area doubles as a pool for those hot summer days.

Obstacle Course Rentals

Rentals $295 Day

And for the Little Ones!