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We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.  Checks are only accepted from established companies. organizations and churches. No personal checks accepted. Payments are required during the setup including payment in full. Most orders require a minimum deposit which is deducted from your order. Certain rentals that have accessory items such as baseballs and tables and chairs require an additional payment which will be returned as soon as the items are returned.

What to due in the event of bad weather?
We know weather is inpredictable and out of our control. Inflatables cannot be set up in windy weather more than 25 MPH. Rain does not hurt the inflatables. If you cancel for any reason before we setup and contact us for a cancelation number, we will use your deposit for any future rental. However, once we deliver and set up the product no refund is available. Remember safety is our number one concern so please contact our associates with any concerns.

What type of surface is needed?
The safest surface is a grassy area. However we can set up on concrete, asphalt or any clean dry surface.  We will not set up on dirt or gravel which can damage the inflatables.

Electric Requirements?
If you have a inflatable that requires a blower, then you will need to have a seperate 120 Volt outlet with at least 15 amps. If you are getting two blowers then you will need the two outlets on two seperate breakers.  We request you use your own extention cord but if one is not available let us know and we can supply one.

Does Jumping Things set up and deliver?
Yes, we do all the set up and take down.  If you have an item set up for a specific time, we usually request a 3-4 hour window of time prior to the event for delivery. No extra charge if we bring it early.

What are the drop off times?
Drop off times vary depending on what you order, what time your event is and where it is going to be set up.  You may book your party on a half day rental or an all day rental.